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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We give special attention to your needs and cover them all efficiently

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Excellent garage door repair service

I trust Garage Door Repair Mansfield for all services and I will continue to call every time I need maintenance or anything else related to my overhead door. I must point out that since I started calling this company for services, all problems stopped. The good thing is they arrive even for small jobs like lubrication and maintenance. They always take an extra look at the whole system. This way, I am sure about the safety of my family and the proper performance of the door. I recommend them with all my heart!

The best door opener evaluation

When I called Garage Door Repair Mansfield for consultation on new garage door openers, I was truly surprised by the zeal of the staff. I had hired this company before for services but it was the first time I needed guidance – at a theoretical level. I was amazed to see that the techs made cross-references between the available branded openers in the market with my needs and the requirements of the garage door. They evaluated the tiniest detail. They made sure the horsepower would be sufficient and the pace of the door. Impressive work!

Helped find new garage doors

We have two garage doors at home. When we required construction work at our garage last year enlarging the space, we consulted with Garage Door Repair Mansfield. We didn't know whether to choose one large overhead door or two regular ones. The staff was there for us! They laid out the pros and cons and let us decide. This was immensely helpful. We chose to install two garage doors based on the assumption that if one wouldn't open, at least we would have a way out. Their assistance in finding the right doors was equally great and we thank them.

The Perfect Door Repair Job

“There are certain things that I expect from technicians when I call them in for a repair job. Punctuality, dedication and efficiency are three of the most important things that I look for. Fortunately, the experts from Garage Door Repair Mansfield delivered on all three of them. Outstanding would be an understatement to describe the quality of their service. Adding to that, their attitude was fantastic and I was really happy to have them fix my broken garage door. There’s no doubt I am going to be telling all my co-workers about their brilliant repair services.”

-Jesus Iglesias


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